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Royal Jelly And It’s Benefits

Royal jelly is one of the beekeeping products that people use for medicinal purposes. Often referred to as an "elixir of longevity", this unique, thick substance is manufactured by worker bees and fed to the Queen bee. It's the sole source of nutrition of the Queen bee and aids her everyday vitality. 

Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about royal jelly:

1. It is especially beneficial for women

Royal jelly may treat symptoms associated with menopause. Menopause causes a reduction in circulating hormones that is associated with physical and mental side effects, such as pain, impaired memory, depression, and anxiety.

It also can easy PMS symptoms. It has been shown to alleviate such unpleasant symptoms as irritability, weight fluctuations and water retention.

2. It May Support Healthy Brain Function

Royal jelly contains a lot of antioxidants that is why it may boost you brain function.

One study revealed that stress-induced mice treated with royal jelly had lower levels of stress hormones and a more robust central nervous system than the control group.

What is more, Consumption of 3000mg of royal jelly daily has been linked to increased cognition in middle and older age and is protective against Alzheimer’s disease!

3. Royal Jelly May Improve Male Fertility

Royal jelly, historically linked to male fertility - although there is insufficient testing on how effective this is in human fertility - is a naturally rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, D, E and B complex vitamins.

Some researcher claim that the use of royal jelly is very effective and significantly help in treatment of infertility.

4. It May Reduce the risk of Heart Disease 

Both animal and human studies demonstrate that royal jelly may positively impact cholesterol levels and thereby reduce heart disease risk.

Royal jelly may protect your heart and circulatory system by reducing blood pressure. Several test-tube studies indicate that specific proteins in royal jelly relax smooth muscle cells in your veins and arteries, towering blood pressure.

5. It Is Good For Your Skin

Royal jelly is sometimes included in topical skin care products to support maintenance of healthy, younger-looking skin. Royal jelly may support increased collagen production and protection from skin damage associated with UV radiation exposure.

Moreover, royal jelly — both used orally and topically — may support wound healing and other inflammatory skin conditions. It’s known to have an antibacterial effect, which can keep wounds clean and free from infections.

It is also an effective anti-acne ingredient –as one of the causes of acne is certain bacteria that live on the skin. Royal Jelly’s anti-inflammatory properties can also help calm and soothe acne spots, while it can regenerate skin cells to tackle acne scars, too.

While royal jelly has been used in ancient medicinal practices for centuries, it has been largely rejected by Western medical practitioners due to a lack of research. Nonetheless, this bee product is still often used as an alternative treatment for a variety of illnesses.

Keep in mind: royal jelly is safe for most, however it  is not without risks. Because it’s a bee product, people with allergies to bee stings, pollen or other environmental allergens should be careful.

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